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Understanding Salesforce's Customer Data Platforms

Salesforce's Customer Data Platforms, also known as CDPs, allow marketing organisations to have a single and complete source of truth around their customer data. In this blog, we unpick key details on these features and how, as Salesforce Consulting ...

Salesforce partners with martech consultants, Serpico by Croud

Serpico by Croud becomes a Salesforce Consulting Partner, enabling customers to take full advantage of Salesforce's technology platforms.

Serpico by Croud becomes a Salesforce Consulting Partner, enabling customers to take full advantage of Salesforce's technology platforms.

Customer relationship management and marketing automation tech giant, Salesforce, is partnering with martech specialists Serpico by Croud. Serpico’s technology experts, supported by parent company Croud's network of multi-channel marketing experts, will allow Salesforce and its customers to scale the advanced work that takes the fullest advantage of Salesforce’s technology platforms.

Stuart Mills, VP Ecosystems (International) at Salesforce said, “Our work with Serpico by Croud offers a huge new opportunity to Salesforce customers. This is global scale, agility, efficiency and multi-channel expertise.”

For 10 years, Serpico’s parent, Croud, has been a force for innovation in digital marketing. The agency operates with a unique model, using a network of 2,400+ freelancers in 120+ countries. With a diverse skill set, and covering 86 languages, the Network boasts global reach and represents a wide spectrum of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The agency’s proprietary tech platform enables the management of its services, including the on-demand briefing and quality control of tasks delivered by the Network.

With a global footprint and offices in the UK, the US and Australia, Croud delivers multi-channel digital marketing services for brands including Regus, The North Face, Amazon Prime, Avon, Brewdog, AXA, and the Royal British Legion.

Ben Knight, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Croud, said, “Speaking to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time has never been more important, and we’re delighted to be joining forces with Salesforce to enable our clients to get the most out of Salesforce’s advanced marketing automation technologies, further cementing our position as a leader in this space.”

Serpico by Croud is one of the UK’s premier independent consultancies working on Salesforce’s Datorama data visualisation platform. The consultancy’s capabilities also include email build, Journey Builder configuration, and coordinated automation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email, paid search, paid social and programmatic display activity, including through integration with Google Marketing Platform.

Serpico by Croud allows Salesforce customers to access Croud’s network of freelancers directly. Salesforce customers will be able to take advantage of the Salesforce-Serpico partnership without becoming a Croud agency client.

Serpico by Croud is currently available through Consultants on AppExchange—a destination within AppExchange tailored for customers looking for deep Salesforce knowledge and specific industry expertise. You can find Serpico by Croud on AppExchange here.

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